Kat Tucker, R.M.T

Kat believes everyone deserves to feel good, safe and relaxed in the body. Life can be complicated, multifaceted, messy, painful and beautiful; Kat strives to offer a massage that will meet you through it all. She has a deep desire to support wellness and remind the body that it is safe to let go and enter into a state of thriving instead of merely surviving. Kat approaches each treatment with curiosity, passion, and a persistent commitment to encourage positive change.

Her personal journey with chronic pain has led her to seek out and add many healing modalities to her toolbelt including Trauma Informed Myofascial Yoga Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, Reiki Level ii, Nerve Flossing, Myofascial Release, Cupping, and Massage Therapy. Her dance with healing drives her to share what she knows and help others find their feet too.

Intentionally incorporating the nervous system’s function and the brain-body connection to find that place where pain-free movement and lifestyle is possible. She pulls from personal and professional experience as well as her variety of educations to support this.

She graduated from Makami College with a 3000hr Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma.

Myofascial Release, Cupping, and Active Release are common techniques Kat adds to her Massage Treatments as per her patient’s preference, comfortability and need. Massage Therapy is beneficial for those living with depression, anxiety, stress, and many other mental health challenges. Kat utilizes a blend of relaxation and therapeutic techniques to tailor treatment plans that provide the safety and support needed for nervous system regulation, rest and wellbeing.

HALO Clinic offers the option to choose a massage therapy treatment duration that works best for your schedule, either 60 minutes or 90 minutes! 

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