Reiki is a treatment that is derived from Japanese techniques of using the body’s energy fields to assist in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental healing process. This form of treatment is based on the concept that every individual carries energy in order to live, when this energy is low or negative, we tend to experience more emotional distress, physical implications, stress, or illnesses, but when this energy is high or positive, we experience more feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and healthiness.

According to Reiki practitioners, when an individual has experienced a physical injury or emotional trauma, this negative energy can remain in the body and restrict one’s full healing potential. Reiki is believed to help remove this negative energy, or energy blockages, and promote the flow of positive energy.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Emotional release
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • Reduced tiredness or fatigue/an increase in energy
  • Assistance in the relief of mental health conditions
  • Reduced severity of headaches, nausea, insomnia

What Can you Expect After your Appointment

After your appointment we ask that you drink plenty of water and have time, if needed, to rest.

Reiki is a non-invasive and low risk treatment with minimal risk of any negative side effects. While some individuals may find themselves energized after appointments, others may feel tired or in need of rest due to the emotional release and thoughts and/or feelings that may arise during your appointment.

If you have any concerns regarding your treatment, please mention these to your practitioner before, during, or after your appointment to ensure that you are receiving the best suited care for your desired needs.

*Reiki is intended to act as a complementary therapy and in no way should replace or go against the advice of your medical doctor. Reiki is not designed to act in place of medical treatments, medicine, or other recommendations from your medical doctor.

*HALO Clinic cannot promise or ensure that you will receive results from Reiki as more research is needed to determine the benefits and effects.