About Us


Your lifelong pursuit of health, fitness and well-being is our focus as primary healthcare professionals.

We Start with You

People are always seeking better health. Along with helping you understand your injury and treatment plan, we create a timeline so you know what to expect and for how long. Setting expectations for your recovery and supporting you with information and tips that can accelerate the healing process is important to us.

Patient Care

Each individual’s injury is a unique experience to them. We focus on creating a comprehensive and customized treatment plan specific to you, so that you have the tools to achieve optimal health.

Health Investment

You invest lots of time, effort and emotion into your family, friends, work, play and health. Do not let health concerns prevent you from embracing the world around you. Let us work together to ensure you can enjoy life to its best.


The human potential should not be limited by pain, injury, frustration, or fear of injury because life is precious and time is short. We see a world where you embrace time with your friends and family and live fully engaged in your activities. Pain is a burden that takes joy away from the world around you. Let us help you move towards a pain free life. Life should not hurt.


Putting our patients first, we want what you want. Will you let us help you achieve it? Time spent focusing on pain is time spent not living life to the fullest. We believe “life should not hurt”.

We understand that finding the right care can be difficult. After determining how we can support you, a comprehensive assessment is administered to determine the best approach to address your injury.  A treatment plan is created specifically for you and your situation, so that you can begin to heal and feel better.


We are a fee-for-service clinic and collect payment at the time of service (cash, debit, credit card, cheque, flexible/health savings accounts, and insurance benefits). We will make every effort to direct bill your insurance, however you are responsible for the remaining balance of service rendered.  After each treatment, you will receive an itemized receipt for your records and for those patients that prefer to submit independently for reimbursement by their insurance company.