Arm pain can be any discomfort or pain throughout the arm including the shoulder, wrist and elbow. Injury and overuse are the most common causes. Arm Pain symptoms can be redness, stiffness, swelling and occur with activities that repetitively use the arm.

Arm PainThe real source of arm pain is diverse and associated with different factors:

  • Pinched Nerves: Occurring when muscles (and by extension tendons compress on nerves as they move towards the hands). This compression can be in any tissue from the neck to the extremities.
  • Sprains: this is the stretching or tearing of ligaments or tendons in the arm and can include limitations in mobility, swelling and bruising.
  • Tendonitis: this is most common in shoulders, elbows and wrists and can consist of swelling, tenderness and dull pain. Often tendonitis in the arm can be associated with tennis or golfer’s elbow.

At HALO Clinic we expertly diagnosis your arm pain.  We are here for clients who are having difficulty excelling or participating in their activities as a result of this kind of pain. Calgary residents who seek our care can expect a comprehensive approach that may include Chiropractic Manual Therapies, Active Release Therapy, Graston Therapy, Massage Therapy, Exercise Prescription, and Acupuncture.

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