Can Discs Heal?

At Halo Clinic, when we work with patients that have disc injuries the one question that presses on peoples minds is will I get better?  Will my disc herniation heal? Because of the intensity of the pain, the severity of its interference in their life and the loss of sleep from disc injuries, people want some hope.

Disc herniations

Can Disc Herniations heal?

The simple answer is:


*(This is not the kind of healing we had when as a child we had a scratch and mom put a bandaid on the scrape, blew a kiss over the scratch and we went back to playing)

Often when diagnosing a patient with a Herniated Disc, specialized tests, such as X-rays, or MRIs are used. You are not your MRI, and you are not your X-ray. These specialized tests are akin to a specialized photo, and while they help to diagnose your problem, they are not a complete representation of your health. Have you ever had a bad picture taken?

That is why the chiropractors at Halo Clinic in Calgary often look at a complete picture, including your pain, your diagnostic testing, diagnostic imaging and your quality of life.

When we work with patients recovering from disc herniations we want to know how each aspect of your life is, and not just if you feel pain? How is your;

  • Sleep?
  • Work?
  • Sports?
  • Hobbies?
  • Family Time?
  • Relationship?
  • Sex Life?

When we work with disc patients, we see better results when patients are actively involved. Active participation means doing the things that are necessary to promote healing, such as exercises and following through with your treatment plan. Active participation also means actively avoiding those things that will limit your healing.

Are you worried that you are dealing with a herniated disc? The best thing to do is to seek help early. We always start with a consultation. If we are not the best people to help you with your health challenge, we will let you know who that is, because we want your disc herniation to heal.

Life should not hurt.