Piriformis syndrome affects the muscle in the buttock which connects to the upper surface of each thigh bone, assists in the hip rotation and runs diagonally with the sciatic nerve.

Although the cause of the syndrome is unknown, suspected causes include muscle tension, bleeding of the muscle and pressure or swelling.

Some of the symptoms of piriformis syndrome include:

  • A dull ache in the buttock
  • Pain down the back of the thigh, calf and foot (sciatica)
  • Pain when walking up stairs or inclines
  • Increased pain after prolonged sitting
  • Reduced range of motion of the hip joint

At HALO Clinic we see clients who are having difficulty excelling or participating in their activities as a result of piriformis syndrome.

Calgary residents who seek our care can expect a comprehensive approach that may include Chiropractic Manual Therapies, Active Release Therapy, Graston Therapy, Massage Therapy, Exercise Prescription, Orthotics and Acupuncture.

If you are suffering from piriformis syndrome and would like to help with pain management, then contact us now.

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