World Spine Day 2019

World Spine Day is a worldwide initiative — organized by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) on October 16 each year — that aims to raise awareness of back pain and other spinal issues.

The theme of this year’s campaign is #GetSpineActive, which highlights the importance of spinal health and encourages people to manage back and neck pain through movement and exercise. As spine, muscle, and nervous system experts, chiropractors keep Canadians moving.

With an estimated one billion people worldwide suffering from back pain, it affects all age groups, from children to the elderly. It is the biggest single cause of disability on the planet, with one in four adults estimated to suffer from back pain during their lives. Prevention is therefore key and this year’s World Spine Day will be encouraging people to take steps to be kind to their spines.

Anyone, from all ages can have back pain, but some things that increase the risk include:

  • Getting older. Back Pain can start as early as 30 years old.
  • Arthritis
  • Your Job. Jobs that include lifting, pushing, or pulling as well as twisting of your spine can result in back pain
  • Nutrition

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