Functional versus Pathological

Today we here the word ‘functional’ about many concepts in healthcare;

Functional Medicine
Functional Neurology
Functional Fitness
Functional Health

Medicine and healthcare are in the middle of a paradigm shift where patients no longer want a pathological perspective. This model is the idea of waiting and surveying for a disease to show up.

We see patients wanting a holistic view of their complex health conditions. That is why we have shifted our diagnostic methods to focus on physiological markers of health.

The old model is waiting for the presence of diseased tissue, cell change or disease markers.


1. The body is a “machine” composed of separate systems reduced into constituting parts.
2. Emphasis focuses on the identification of disease and pathological tissue change.
3. Diagnosis is extremely specialized.
4. Treatment intention is the reduction or ‘management’ of symptoms.
5. The health of the individual utilizes comparison of their disease markers against charts, statistics and test results to a “normal population.”
6. Relies on established disease patterns or pathological markers to make a diagnosis.
7. Health metrics consist of disease absence. As long as someone does not have a condition, then they are considered healthy.


1. The body is a dynamic, complex interconnected system of mind, body, and emotions.
2. Emphasis focuses on the imbalance or dysfunction in normal physiology.
3. Diagnosis integrates information from many different systems and methods.
4. Treatment addresses the underlying sources of disease and dysfunction.
5. The health of the individual considers subjective and objective information based on optimal physiological function for that individual.
6. Early prediction of dysfunction allows initial treatment and prevention of further breakdown.
7. Health metrics based on a continuum, within the spectrum of health to disease. Intervention can be applied at every stage of the range to restore or improve health and wellness.

In practice, this means that a Functional Practitioner considers beyond the concept of disease (whether your tests are normal or abnormal), into what is optimal.

Functional Practitioners assess health based on physiological markers such as your blood values, emotional health, fitness and movement present.

We do not have to wait to be sick, weak or dying to get the health care we need. We use functional assessments all the time to improve and restore the health of our clients.

We are here for you 100%.

Life gets healthier!

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