Where do I Find Relief?

When suffering from a disc herniation, relief is very relevant in the life of the sufferer.

Sciatica or other forms of radiating pain often cause unrelenting pain. Symptoms of a disc herniation can include numbness, tingling, burning, electrical shock-like pain, weakness in affected muscles, altered of deficient symptoms. Left untreated some disc problems can lead to bowel or bladder problems. We commonly see herniations in the lumbar (Low Back) and cervical (Neck) spine.

Disc Herniation of the low back will produce symptoms that first start in the lower back and then often move into the thigh, calf and your feet. Cervical Disc herniations higher up in your neck will cause symptoms in your arm and fingers. There are also other reasons that you can have numbness, tingling or pain that extends to your toes.


It is crucial that your chiropractor does an examination. The assessment of your spine will help to determine where the problem is and what the best way to treat your problem for recovery will be.

Given the intensity and persistence of the symptoms that accompany disc herniations our patients often want the fastest relief possible, followed by relief that lasts. When care is deemed safe, relief from your disc symptoms often results from careful and conservative management with your chiropractor. This will include such things as ice, heat, exercise, manual therapy or other evidence-based practices.

When you decide to call your Chiropractor, you start the process to recover from your dis herniation.  Your Chiropractor will help to talk you through changing positions, modifying activities and strategies to provide relief. Sleep, working and leisure activities can all be modified to provide assistance. Most importantly, your chiropractor will be able to start treatment to bring you lasting relief.

Could your low back pain, or neck pain be the early signs of a disc herniation? An assessment is the only way to find out.

We are here for you 100%.

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