Preventing Disc Herniations

Preventing Disc herniations

What can I do to prevent disc herniations? like all serious health problems, have modifiable risk factors. With all injuries, we like simple explanations; however, with consideration, there is a multitude of reasons why things happen.

Disc Injuries happen when too much force exerts on a disc. (Full Stop).

These injuries can happen to almost anyone.

However, some things may considered to lower your risk for disc injury.

Strengthen your core muscles with a focus on your abdominal muscles. The ultimate goal of any core stabilizing activity is to control the movement so that the proper muscles are targeted. The penultimate (almost or next to the ultimate) goal is to complete the repetitions. Clinically we see the majority of our patients have faulty movement patterns when it comes to core stability. This simple fix alone alleviates many back pain problems for patients, with the additional benefit of decreased risk of disc herniation.

To decrease the risk of cervical spine herniation, ergonomics and proper position are essential. A growing trend amongst those who suffer from cervical disc herniation is that these people work on a computer or in a head forward or head down position.

Lift properly and lift loads that are closer to your body.

Avoid stress, which has an association with body tension and risk for disc herniation.

Stay active and keep your weight in a healthy range. Increased weight will increase your risk for disc herniation.

If you have back pain, whether it is associated with neurological pain, seeking an assessment and an active management plan will help to prevent disc herniations.

We are here for you 100%.

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