Are You Aware of the Arm and Neck Connection?

What makes humans unique from other animals and especially primates? We have unique shoulders and opposable thumbs compared to primates. Both of these are important in understanding the arm and neck connection of the human body.

Did you know that the human shoulder is better suited for throwing and hunting? This ability provides humans with valuable survival skills.

The human shoulder joint has a wide range of motion and is very mobile, affording the potential for significant leverage and accuracy in throwing.

The human hand and opposable thumbs have “a relatively longer and more distally placed thumb” and “larger thumb muscles.”

With the unique anatomy and function of the human arms and hands, we require a consistent control of the hands and arms for our activities.

What we see is that motor activation starts in the brain, and through coordination of multiple centres, we have a precisely controlled movement that promotes our survival.

Did you know that the nerve signals from the brain travel through the spinal cord and exits at multiple levels in the neck as they continue to courses towards the shoulders, arms and hands?

Nerves are sensitive to pressure.

When nerves have pressure on them, from soft tissue or other sources, it interferes with the transmission of the signals from the brain to the arms.

The neck is muscle rich and is a common place where peripheral nerve entrapments can occur.

When considered with posture, the risk and complexity of the neck as a region where the nerves can impinge and interfere with the precise motor movement, and the arms and hands elevate.

Chiropractors assess and diagnose problems that interfere with the arm and neck connection.

At HALO clinic we consult and assess with patients that are experiencing neck, shoulder, arm, forearm and hand pain problems.

If we are not the right place to help you, we will let you know who in the community is the best person.

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