Why Summer Massage?

Summer brings a change of pace from the winter months. We tend to become more active.  Whether it’s sports or hiking and swimming, we tend to move more. Being outdoors, we are exposed to hotter weather and often more humidity.  Many of us work in our yards; mowing lawns or planting and weeding gardens.  Often, we have more leisure time as many of us take holidays with our families. We may even want to lose a few pounds coming into summer or over the summer. Did you know that massage can be a benefit for each of these summer lifestyle changes?


  1. More activity can lead to sore, tired muscles.Massage reduces muscle inflammation and relieves pain and keeps you flexible by increasing blood flow and flushing out fluids and toxins.
  2. Heat and humidity can cause swelling and edema which make us feel less energized. Massage reduces swelling by increasing the flow of fluids through the lymph nodes.
  3. Working in the yard can be a workout on its own and can lead to neck, shoulder and lower back pain.Massage reduces inflammation/pain and promotes recovery.
  4. Summer can be a time for self-care.After the stresses of winter, a massage can help clear our minds and also reduce stress.  With the longer days, a massage can help promote sleep by increasing serotonin (making us feel happy) and melatonin (making us feel sleepy).
  5. A massage can also help with weight loss by increasing blood circulation and creating more efficient metabolism, so we burn more calories at a resting state. Massage stretches connective tissue and reduces the buildup of scar tissue, which inhibits muscle growth, thereby helping build muscles.


Why not enjoy all these benefits of massage by booking with one of our amazing therapists at HALO Clinic. Summer Massage

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